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In Chinese astrology, the horse is a traveler; sometimes both literally and figuratively. The horse is passionate about freedom and independence. Often, he does not like to be tied down by any person, place or thing. Horses move from one project to the next at record speed and can often be impatient with those who can't keep up with them. They are independent and do not like to have to rely on others.

As a result, a relationship with a strong horse can sometimes be challenging. In love, this sign comes on strong at the start of a relationship or tryst. The initial passion and fire in a relationship drives horse people. While they crave love, they do not love to feel trapped by it. The Horse is often a man or women of mystery, looking to keep up the chase long past the first date.

Horses often find power in seducing their mate; however, they will quickly give up if they see another interested party. In Chinese astrology, the tiger is king or likes to feel that way if nothing else. Tigers like to lead and be in charge of others.

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In fact, they often have trouble being lead by others. Tigers seek to be in control of every situation that they are in and depend on themselves in dangerous situations as a result. Tigers enjoy conquering the unknown and showing others that the impossible can be done. However, they can lose interest in a person, place or thing quite quickly once they feel bored or as if they have conquered that situation. In love, tiger needs to seduce others.

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Year of the Horse: Horoscope (Zodiac Horse Fortune & Personality) – Chinese New Year

As with all cats, tigers know that there are rules to the game of winning someone's affections and try to win at all cost. They are not opposed to battling for the affection of a loved one. Tigers love to seduce their mate into submission. While tigers may seem all game, there is an emotional side. They are also willing to do everything they can to help others.

Selflessness may be a sign of maturity, but these men usually take more time to mature compared to others. However, they sometimes think too highly of themselves and get blinded of by their mistakes. Women born in the year of the Horse are very attractive and exude a refreshing aura. The people surrounding them are often impressed at how good they are at what they do.

However, they are usually indecisive and often leave things to fate rather than having them go according to plan. They can also go from gentle ponies to wild stallions. Horses are attracted to the tenderheartedness of Goats and they feel fulfillment from their reliance. Horses and Tigers are willing to put in the effort for one another and build genuine relationships. Horses and Rats are the least compatible and a marriage between them would be full of problems. Horses are also incompatible with themselves as they would struggle to maintain a lasting relationship outside of work because they are too much alike.

Rather than routine jobs that feel repetitive, Horses are best fit for work that require technical and improvisation skills such as journalism and translation.

Year of the Fire Horse

These jobs allow horses to be in their element. Since Horses are good at adapting to new environments, they are also suitable for jobs that are constantly changing.

Chinese Astrology: Metal Horse

They have the foresight and often already have plans when others are still figuring this out. This makes them fit for political positions. Horses are always on the move. Upon reaching a milestone, they immediately set off for the next goal without rest. This causes them to disrupt their body clocks which may lead to problems with the liver or kidneys. To ward off health problems, Horses must learn to slow down. They must not ignore common symptoms as they can lead to more serious illnesses.

They must be extra mindful when a cold causes chest pains. The year of the Rat may be a bit of a challenge for Horses. Several unlucky stars are brought to their zodiac and they may find themselves losing their focus and temper more often than usual. Horses are advised to maintain a low profile and to avoid making big decisions as they may have traitors plotting against them.

Fortunately, Horses can ward off the bad energy by doing volunteer or charity work and avoiding overly yin environments such as funerals and cemeteries. The romance luck for Horses in the year of the Rat will be mediocre. Single Horses may feel lonely at times and bottle up their feelings. They can have better luck with romance if they try to be more socially active. On the other hand, Horses who are married or in a committed relationship will experience many highs and lows throughout the year.

They must be mindful of their actions and words as they might cost their relationships. The financial outlook of Horses for the year of the Rat is not looking too good and it might be a good time to keep a low profile. They must avoid making hasty financial decisions. Horses who were born in the spring or summer can try out on new investments but they have to be cautious and not be blinded by greed. On the other hand, Horses who were born in the fall or winter must be conservative with their finances. They must also avoid gambling at all costs.

The year of the Rat will take a toll on the careers of Horses. There will be conflicts and hurdles in the workplace throughout the year. Although there will be no major setbacks for Horses to worry about, they will experience highs and lows and may even face some legal issues. They should be careful not to get involved in office politics and keep a constant eye on their backs as traitors may be lurking to stab them in the back. Horses may experience some minor health issues in the year of the Rat but they should not cause great worry. They will be prone to common diseases like flu, colds, or stomach aches.

Nevertheless, they must be cautious when handling sharp objects like knives, especially in the months of May and November. They must also be careful when walking and mindful of their feet and hips.

fire horse woman chinese astrology Fire horse woman chinese astrology
fire horse woman chinese astrology Fire horse woman chinese astrology
fire horse woman chinese astrology Fire horse woman chinese astrology
fire horse woman chinese astrology Fire horse woman chinese astrology
fire horse woman chinese astrology Fire horse woman chinese astrology

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