January 17 horoscope cancer or cancer

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Those born before July 7 have already undergone their spiritual transformation in recent years. January 10 to March 9 — Jupiter opposite your decan can pose challenges if you want more than you have. Good luck is likely but unless you turn inwards for happiness you could be left feeling unsatisfied. February 8 to March 4 — Jupiter sextile Neptune culminates on February 20 to bring harmony, optimism, good fortune, and growth. Your good intentions and moral integrity make this a good time for professional advancement, business deals, and legal matters.

You can be generous and grow spiritually without giving away your material possessions. June 5 to July 5 — The June 5 lunar eclipse is not a good omen for strained relationships. Impatience, sexual frustration and lack of self-control could turn love to hate, resulting in impulsive actions and hostility. Even normal relationships might require extra effort but strong relationships will withstand the test through patience and unconditional love. June 18 to July 2 — Mercury retrograde in your decan can play havoc with your thoughts, communications, travels, and electronics.

July 5 to November 30 — The July 5 lunar eclipse gives truthfulness, devotion, and optimism, but also changeability, defiance, and resentment. Your home, family and intimate relationships may cause some tension because of differing needs and priorities. July 24 to October 31 — Jupiter opposite your decan again focuses your attention on what you need to make you truly happy and content.

Too much focus on accumulating possessions or money during this time could lead to moral bankruptcy. Avoid expecting too much of a partners energy while not giving enough in return. Personal growth comes from travel, education and a more philosophical and spiritual outlook. September 16 to October 27 — Jupiter sextile Neptune culminating again on October 2 is spiritually enlightening and gives you a good overall perspective of who you are and your place in the world.

Growth and good fortune are possible through further education, group activities, travel, and acts of kindness and charity. Your Cancer horoscope is authentic because it is based on planetary transits to Cancer Decan 2, not to houses, zones or sectors. January 10 to June 5 — The January 10 lunar eclipse in your decan brings your home, family and intimate relationships into sharper focus and could be emotionally very challenging.

All year — Pluto opposite your decan is likely to dramatically increase your need to take control over your life and of the lives of people around you. You may face strong opposition in your relationships, with intense power struggles and conflict.

Cancer Decan 3 Horoscope

However, it is through confrontation and power struggles that soul evolution takes place. You are learning how to wield your own power within relationships. Find a balance between standing up for your own rights while not controlling others. Those born from July 15 to 20 will feel this transit most strongly during the Cancer horoscope.

Those born on July 13 and 14 had this transit in the last two years. Those born on July 21 and 22 may feel the intensity growing but the full impact will come in the next few years. Until March 31 — Saturn opposite your decan can bring challenges and barriers to progress. Hold space for real conversations. A space where people can take off their masks and be their most authentic selves.

Learning to be unconditional in your love promises to transform even the most challenging relationships. Your intuition is also extra sharp today, so open yourself to the divine downloads coming your way. Falling into the old trap of looking out for everybody but yourself? Today brings with itself an important reminder: boundaries are sacred and must not be trespassed. If you feel like you have been carrying the load for others, now is the time to speak up. Remember, everybody is responsible for themselves. Besides, those who really love you will never impose their unrealistic demands upon you.

Your head is not a happy place, Aquarius. So many conflicting thoughts, so many conflicting emotions.

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When the classic head versus heart debate gets the better of you, step back. Retreat into your space of silence. Some of you may be confronted by the demon of self-doubt. When you find going down the rabbit hole, remind yourself of your inherent power. Life-changing revelation: there is no substitute for inner peace. Being in your centre equips you to deal with the trials and tribulations of the muggle world with the composure of a Zen master. Your state of mind has a positive effect on all your relationships.

Conflicts resolve themselves effortlessly. People find that it is easy to take off their masks and be the most authentic versions of themselves. Illustrations by Shweta Malhotra Aries horoscope today When you find yourself debating over whether you should look out for yourself or save somebody else, always choose the former—especially if staying put is doing you harm.

Cosmic tip: Family time is therapy. Gemini horoscope today No matter where you are in your journey, there is always more to learn—sometimes from your subordinates. Cosmic tip: Stay humble and open yourself to new information. Cancer horoscope today Hocus, pocus, focus! Cosmic tip: Let the gift of awareness help you rise above your circumstances.



Virgo horoscope today Everybody has million-dollar ideas, Virgo. Libra horoscope today Both heaven and hell exist within you. October 9, October 10, In spite of being crazy busy with your mad skills, you're probably one of the sanest people on the block. You have a head for business, a nose for opportunity and a keen eye for justice. That alone makes you a participant instead of just another passenger.

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So even as you wade into this soup of possibilities, ready to help yourself, be sure to advocate for those who can't speak up. Pat yourself on your heroic back. Another day of this sudden leadership will guarantee your new status as a champion. Is your wanton life something you want to brag about?

Here is your horoscope for January 17, 12222

Is your extravagant style worth celebrating when it would make you blush during thriftier times? Maybe you like shocking people out of their stupor. Maybe you just like to entertain. Who knows why you do what you do? But keep one eye on your budget, OK? And make it a sharp eye, too.

The piper might be expecting payment sooner than you think. Dance with care today, and keep one hand on your credit or debit card at all times. Being different is a good thing today. People are getting a kick out of your flair, not to mention your quirky sense of humor. Your curiosity is leading you here, there and everywhere. You're flexible and accepting, and that's wonderful.

But that's not all, folks. This time, you might even be the agent of change. So put your thinking cap on, and turn that bright, inquisitive eye toward any part of your life or the world around you that could use a little revamping. Anything that isn't working can change for the better under your deft touch. So you're feeling uneasy. Maybe you're aware of an unusual energy at work around you. Perhaps you feel like burying your head in the sand today.

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Still, that's no reason to resign yourself to feeling strange or grumpy. You can find it within yourself to break out of your emotional bonds and dance with the spirit of the age. It shouldn't be hard for you to get your heart around the feeling, because you follow your heart in most situations anyway. Doing so could transform a challenging period into a blissful one.

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Your confidence builds today. Suddenly, you find you not only have the courage to govern others, you possess the inspiration to promote much-needed change. People are looking to you for guidance, so you may have to step into the spotlight whether you want to or not. Use this as a chance to make something positive happen. You have the ability to be a wise, gracious leader.

It's also in you to be a really good, devoted and dependable friend.

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