Lunar eclipse february 22 astrology

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This very process in itself is capable and powerful enough to produce significant results within the next six months, which, among others, may relate to:. The Solar Eclipse in February, in addition to the aspects of Uranus and Mercury that we have mentioned, creates its opportunities with three more aspects.

Saturn in Capricorn in sextile to Venus in Pisces makes us devote to what we like and work with pleasure in order to achieve our dreams. Jupiter from Scorpio in sextile to Pluto in Capricorn empowers our psychic energy reserves and makes us strong and effective in successfully pursuing our goals. Mars from Sagittarius is simultaneously in a trine and sextile aspect to the Lunar Nodes.

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This is an area where we also need to be a little cautious, due to the square aspect that Mars is making to Neptune , so that we are not get caught in the illusory shine of our own vanity. The square that Jupiter is making to both the Eclipse Sun conjunct Moon , and to Mercury, is an aspect that has to be managed. It is an aspect that calls us to assimilate and communicate our new ideas and perceptions, without exaggerations, while avoiding at the same time any overwhelming or grandiose plans.

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The solar eclipse of February the 15 th is a fertile eclipse. In a way it continues on the events of the Solar Eclipse that we had last summer and concludes the current cycle of eclipses. A cycle that will last for six months, up until the difficult eclipses in July and August. You must log in to post a comment.

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Skip to content. Paypal Donation. Cosmos of Astrology website uses cookies to improve your experience. By continuing to use the site, you accept our use of cookies. Today's New Moon energy empowers all zodiac signs for the next months. Note: Void of course is thought to be the ideal time to do things that are unpleasant because it's believed that the energy won't follow you to the next phase of the lunar cycle. For example, breaking up with a partner, negotiating with creditors, having difficult conversations, those are the types of actions that could cause more harm than others.

So, astrologers often suggest a void of course period to follow through on these areas. The Aquarius eclipse is like Aquarius putting the exclamation mark on this period of our lives.

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  • Around hours after a lunar eclipse is the time to start new projects, business ventures or relationships. As the moon's energy grows back to a Full Moon, so can your focus and awareness of what you are attempting to do. Leo and Aquarius are degrees apart from one another. Leo is your ego, Aquarius is your thinking and go-for-it-action. Just like an Aries needs their sunlight, some individuals with Aquarius in their natal chart or who are in the tribe of Aquarius Aries, Gemini, Leo, Libra may sense this more than others.

    You may have heard of the phrase, 'Age of Aquarius' which is about independence, freedom, love, and abundance. It's believed that this energy will bring ideas into growth mode.

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    All zodiac signs will find that this is a time that new ideas replace old ones. You may have to let go of something to make room for new things. These could involve personal sacrifices. The number 11 in numerology is a powerful number.

    It's the energy of the young psychic. This invites all zodiac signs to have a belief in themselves, to listen to that inner voice and to go with your gut when making changes at this time. The South node is a spiritual space for all zodiac signs. It's a time where inner growth manifests and impacts the external aspects of your life. This may involve personal feelings of attachments to old ideas or spiritual beliefs. These changes are meant for healing and to approach with prayer and meditation.

    Eclipses mark moments of letting go to make room for something new.


    Make your intentions but also commit yourself to your highest good. Activities that are good for today's energy forecast include fitness, adventure, taking risks and trying something new.

    Solar eclipse of February 5, 2046

    Where your zodiac sign's house is positioned on the astrology zodiac wheel , and where the planets are positioned at that time, your energy and reaction to that placement may be different than someone else's. Clean out old contacts and move things into a space that allows you to focus. Taurus, when you think about a sense of security sometimes this comes from a place of self.

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    Right now, that's important but an eclipse in Aquarius challenges you to think more broadly while pursuing happiness. You could be considering this time to look at the big picture and how you will handle commitments. Gemini, embrace your energy and learn to work through your challenges.

    As a Gemini, you think a lot and as a result you've figured what works, what doesn't but this was not without some disappointments.

    lunar eclipse february 22 astrology Lunar eclipse february 22 astrology
    lunar eclipse february 22 astrology Lunar eclipse february 22 astrology
    lunar eclipse february 22 astrology Lunar eclipse february 22 astrology
    lunar eclipse february 22 astrology Lunar eclipse february 22 astrology
    lunar eclipse february 22 astrology Lunar eclipse february 22 astrology

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