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Often, we express that in our work, but sometimes we can express it in other areas such as travel or following our inspiration outside of work. Hence, here we have a decision to make regarding what we feel drives us, where we want to invest our energy. Sometimes our worlds have grown too small and we need to expand it.

And sometimes, a simple 1 card Tarot Reading may light the way for us. Often, this card can mean travelling in some form or another. We may be deciding to relocate, leave our job and explore a little. This card implies that we may be bored with the current status quo, which leads to much-needed change.

There is a man standing with two staffs, one seeming bolted to the ground, and the other in his hand. He is holding a globe in his hand, looking at it over the ocean. He appears to be a merchant of some kind. Going deeper, we can surmise that whilst one area of life seems to be stable and perhaps even stuck — as shown by the bolted staff — another seems to be in his hands, and he has to decide which is more important — stability or freedom.

The small globe in his hands can talk about two ways of seeing things: one, is that his world has simply grown too small for him; or two — the world is his oyster and he can choose any direction he wants to go. This will all depend on the context of your life and your perception.

Overlooking the ocean, we can assume that there is a journey to be made and that the journey may be physical in nature — we may literally be travelling over the water soon or making the decision to. In Astrology , Wands correlates to the fire signs, Leo , Aries , and Sagittarius , with Sagittarius perhaps being the one we can most relate to in this picture — this sign symbolizes growth and travel.

When this card appears in the past, we have made our choices and now is the time to accept the consequences of that choice, for better or for worse. The decision is no longer in our hands. Our world may have already expanded, and we may be feeling more liberated and freer as a result, more inspired. When this card comes up in the present, we are urged to make choices about our future, perhaps related to our career , passions or goals.

We are in a space of potential boredom with the status quo, and we need to look at ways in which we might become more inspired and feel freer. We may be sitting with a big decision on our hands, a very exciting decision. Feelings of boredom may be prevalent at the moment. The future promises to be rather exciting with this card in the future position.

We will soon be faced with a choice, feeling our world has become too small. THi pentacram — the ace and the court cards. Table 3. It Is the cosmic duty of the ekiDWits to combine and mix widi each ocher in order to facilitate creation. JCrorAr Queei.

Bat what about the pentagram of earth, on the lowermost extremity of the cross? It is as though earth is die stepchild of the elemental family no offense to stepchildren. Think about it. What gives? Is earth really an element? The answer is one of the most wonderful mysteries of the tarot, indeed, one of the most importanr secrets ofWescem Hemwtiesm. On the Hermcdc Rose Cross, the earth pentrigram is pure white, but the entire lower extremity of the cross, upon which it sits.

Is divided into four sections col- ored black, citrine a mixture of blue, red, and yeEow but with a predominance of vcUow , olive a mixture of the same colors but with a predominance of blue , and russet the same but with a predominance of red.

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Placing this symbol of die macrocosm m the midst of the four pentagraros of the microcosm echoes on a higher octave the symbolic message of the marriage of the human and the divine that was first told by the small rose and cross. Those of you who are femiliar Mdth the I. The secondary lobes of each arm are occupied with symbols of the not-so- dominant alchemical principals arranged in a logical and balanced manner.

Vitriol will soon become very import to us as we study the inner mechanics of tarot. Other crumps also have alchemical significance. There is also one more extremely important alchemi- cal symbol we wiU sec often when we examine the trumps. The concept of the three alchemical elements Is almost identical to that of the three gucas of Hindu cosmology.

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The three gunts are rajas, satrvas. They arc in constant conflict and, at any given moment, one of them gains temporary dominance. Cosmic balance, how- ever, dictates chat no one principal can remain on top for very long before another usurps its position to enjoy ita moment in the Sun. Tiw mechanics of this eternal three-way conflict is the driving force that turns the great wheel of the ever-changing universe.

More about this when we discuss Fortune. Three of the smaller leaves contain the letters L V X and three con- tain the letters I A 0, The remaining nvo smaller leaves contain an additional letter 1 and a small Calvary Cioss f. To be perfectly frank, I have never learned a satisfactory explanation for the presence or positioning of these two seemingly superfluous figures.

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The letteii lAO and an extra I are placed on the smaller leaves to the right of the large leaves m the same order. The letters L V X and a small Calvary Cross arc placed on the smaller leaves to the left of the Urge leaves in the same order. For at least 1, years, the placard dis- playing the Latin letters 1 N R I has been an indispensable accessory to every well- dressed crucifix. Not being satisfied with the officially sanctioned explaaadons of these letters that appear on holy images and souvenirs.

ChrUfian mystics and others toyed with the heretical idea rhat there Just might be something else — some esoteric mean- ings — to the images of popular religious symbolism, tasking the stake, these spir- itual outlaws proceeded to analyze I N R 1 in such a way that it eventually said something other than Jesus from Nazareth, King of the Jews. That something else was the magical formula and the rigns of that formula that expressed their high- est understanding of the cosmic secrets of life, death, and resurrection.

Isis evenrually rsdses Osiris from the dead, and the whole cycle start?

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Not bad for seven letters three of which ate li. In the sign of Osiris Risen, he crosses his arms over his chest, forming an X on his body.

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  • Vugo, Iris. The Light of the Cross. Magical tradition informs us that, on the material plane and in nomial waking coasciousness, symbols are symbols and Irving things are living things. On the mag- ical plane and in visionary consciousness, symbols are bring things and living things are symbols.

    In other words, if I have a vision of a lion or a monkey, chose images are merely synfools of something far deeper and abstract in my psyche that I need to confront. Conversely, symbols in visions are acmally hrieg things in that plane. Leris say I am faced, in a vision, by a terrible fire demon a symbol of something 1 Seavn thi Ron Back 57 ne?

    Two of Swords Tarot Card Meaning Explained

    Therefon it cannot mean the same to any one person as to any other. However, she does not do a very good job of telling us why there are nine ten, if you count the Ace small cards in each suit. To understand the mysteries of the small cards, we are first going to have to learn alittle hit about anodier Qshalistic figure, the Tree of Life Ete-Ha-Chajdm.

    They consist of a decade out of nothing and of twenty- two fundamental letters. Believe it or not, once you grasp the basic concept, it is much easier to think about than it is to explain. In one respect it is a very unsatisfectory diagram for it attempts to dimcnsxonalize the iransdimensioaaL It has been called the diagram of the anatomy of God, and if wc are indeed created in the image of God tiien that means that it also reveals the spiritual anatomy of each of us, Students of Kucdalim Yoga agree, and point out that the seven chakras or spiritual centers in the human body can be projected quite comfortably upon the Tree of Life.

    Ail ten sephiroth, or emanations, of the Tree arc really only aspects or facets of the top first sephira, Kether, which represents the totality of exis- Sfcmsiffbe TmofUft tence — the supreme monad.

    The mere act of reflection creates TWO. ONE is now conscious of itself and its reflection. This "trinity" by itself is still an abstraction and exists onfy in potentiality, Newtheless, a primal pattern has been established by the process of ONE becoming THREE. The phenomenal universe manifests through a process of degeneration in the next seven sephiroth.

    Theoretically, every conceivable idea. The forty sephiroth of the four trees arc per- fectly represented in tarot as the four aces and the thirty-six small cards. The Sufremf Mtmeui.

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