Yang wood dragon astrology

Yang Wood (Jia Wood) Personality - Characteristics, Business and Relationships

The wood dragons born in are introverted and silent in personality. They usually have few friends due to their lack of enthusiasm. They require high aim to achieve and as many difficulties as possible to encounter from which they could get great happiness. According to the characters of the wood dragon, they are suitable to leave far away from their home town to seek career development. If they could develop overseas business, a lot of money is expected. Other good works such as to be an auditor, accountant or lawyer all enable them to gain both in fame and wealth.

The wealth fortune for the wood dragon is always good. They usually have a high chance of winning in prize draw than others. But the expenses for them are quiet large. If possible, they had better to spend more on real estate. In money making, they usually could earn a lot without paying too much.

However, they like to strain at a gnat and take too seriously in money affairs. They would try all the ways to pay them back to you. As for health, there is no big problem for the wood dragons during the whole life. However, they should pay much attention to dietetic hygiene as they are easy to suffer from digestion illnesses. Also, during the time when spring turns into summer, they should especially avoid suffering from acute infectious diseases.

Mentally, they should not be too nervous which require them to balance the work and life well. As the wood dragons are silent in nature, they are not good at making friends of the opposite sex. The girls are usually popular among the opposite sex. But they need to deal with love affairs well to avoid troubles.

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The Ox is going through its own month. It is a time of reflection and introspection. See what people and events tell about you, as this month is mirroring your thoughts, fears and dreams. It will help you to identify what you want to change inside you, and what you want to keep as it is.

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Dragon (zodiac)

It is a good period to change your diet and lifestyle and plan your whole year ahead. The Tiger could go through an unpredictable month. There will be some blessings in disguise and new opportunities showing up still. It is otherwise a good period to focus on spirituality, which will give you answers when not everything makes sense.

Finally open your eyes: there is definitely someone who is interested in you this month…. The Rabbit cannot wait for this year to be over. Good news, it is the last month of the Chinese year! The energy of this month is actually kinder to you. It offers you more support and more money opportunities, and it can be a good time to get some projects off the ground. If you want to make more money, now is a good time to look into your options. The opposition of this Rooster year is gone this month already, and you are getting your mojo back. Remain realistic and humble still, or the month could become more contrarian.

The Dragons must take care of themselves right now. It is a month that asks you to look closely into your body, and take the necessary steps to get better. Go slower, sleep more and make the changes that you need to do with you diet and lifestyle. It is not yet the time to awaken from your slumber, Dragons, but to the contrary to rest more. Expect some contrarian people in your family: best is to smile and give them what they want to hear.

Save your energy…. The Snakes are usually in the flow during an Ox month. It is still the case right now, but the Yin Water Qi on top of this month has less your favor. The month is good for your work and generally helps you with any projects. However you might feel regularly tired, and also encounter oppositions out of the blue at times. The Horses risk exhausting their energy this month, and shall take it easy. You have to choose your battle carefully right now, and avoid fighting windmills. It can be a good month to stimulate your imagination: it helps you to write and to be productive overall.

There are more risks to catch a minor ailment if you push your luck.

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Take it easy and listen to your needs…. The Goats must be very careful as the month of the Ox brings their direct clash. Be mindful when you exercise, and generally go slow. Be cautious if you have to buy expensive items or sign a contract: take your time and subscribe to all the necessary warranties.

The Monkeys are the luckiest sign of the month. This energy naturally boosts your luck, and you should end up in the right place and the right time more than once. It helps you to get what you want. It could be the right time to negotiate a promotion depending on the rest of your Bazi chart! You are charming and in demand right now, so make the best of this spectacular month. You could be on the edge at work: pay attention as other people might get credit for your work. You basically have to make sure you watch your back.

You might also be asked to make some difficult choices right now, but in the end the month still help you to get solutions to whatever problem you have. The Dogs have a punishment with the Ox and have to be extra careful this month. It is a time when caution applies.

Chinese Zodiac - Green Chicken Born in Dog Month

Avoid moving house, buying a car or appliances, and signing contract it this can be postponed. You might feel a bit firey right now and prompt to get angry or impatient. The month can however bring a nice surprise to single people of the Dog sign. The Pigs are real problem solvers right now. Your voice is important, and many people will turn to you looking for answer. Rise to the occasion, as they will remember when you help. This month is very stimulating if you do a creative job.

yang wood dragon astrology Yang wood dragon astrology
yang wood dragon astrology Yang wood dragon astrology
yang wood dragon astrology Yang wood dragon astrology
yang wood dragon astrology Yang wood dragon astrology
yang wood dragon astrology Yang wood dragon astrology
yang wood dragon astrology Yang wood dragon astrology

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